Data Migrations


Data Center Migration Project Management 

n 2012 we worked with this market leader of ITSM SAAS, used our expertise in Remedy ITSM, ITIL, customer interfacing and management skills for a data center migration. The primary focus was to transition customers seamlessly from one data center to another. We also managed the transition of Business Service Management systems.

Some customers of note:

  • City of Chicago
  • LegalShield
  • State of Minnesota
  • Sysco, TrustMark
  • University of Central Florida
  • VF Services
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • Zenith Financial

DC Migration/ Merger

iDEAL joined an elite team of Infrastructure Planners commissioned by executive management to reduce server sprawl, assign assets for budgets and system roles following the Wachovia acquisition in 2010. This great financial institution has a cross functional matrix environment that was in the process of integrating two large corporations. The server farm was comprised of 50,000+ servers in a 375,000+ user environment.  Phase one focus was to scrub the REMEDY server asset database, identify and evaluate 2,000+ servers for budget assignment. We communicated with all departments to identify, evaluate and process servers for decommissioning or consolidation.We worked closely with management to develop and document the workflow process and expense recovery modeling. Servers were Identified, asset owners assigned, support and maintenance groups informed. We evaluated customer needs and proposed system dispositions. This project was a huge successes that exceeded team and department goals and objectives.


Project Management for a Data Center Migration

Managed a nationwide datacenter migration in 2011.  We worked in this large complex matrix environment to identify 3000+ servers and migrated 600 of them from over 35 geographic sites spread across the USA.

This Healthcare organization has a complex cross functional matrix environment with two major divisions controlling a dynamically growing vast complex enterprise information system.   We working without a common system of record, the team built its own database and hosted it on a on a SharePoint site. NetIQ was used to ID system states and virtualization was accomplished using tools from VMWare and PlateSpin.

Worked closely with upper management and many departments to coordinate this successful effort that shrank server sprawl, reduce operating costs and provide an environment that substantially reduced maintenance overhead. We reported to upper management in daily and weekly meetings using SharePoint, Excel pivot tables and graphs.

img_2Notable Network Engagements & Solutions
Exchange Migrations 

We have migrated many companies from physical devices to virtual machines, including but not limited to Exchange 2000 to present day. Some engagements had as many as 3,000 mail boxes.  All were production systems that were migrated seamlessly.

We have moved customers email data bases across different platforms. From on premise Exchange mail to off premise hosted Exchange provider data centers.

img_2Notable Network Engagements & Solutions

We have provided disaster recovery (DR) cloud solutions for 40 plus customers. All required large amounts of data to be migrated from onsite to offsite storage centers. You could say we have developed an expertise in this area. We also have migrated Active Directory, SQL, mySQL and other massive databases from in house to cloud and back.


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