IT Service Management

IT Service Management
Imagine an organized, streamlined process that serves your internal and external customers with speed and efficiency. Imagine only calling one number and getting the issue resolved quickly. That is what a well developed ITSM program delivers.

What is ITSM?
IT Service Management is a process-based practice intended to align the delivery of IT services with needs of the organization, emphasizing benefits to customers. It involves a paradigm shift to focusing on the delivery of end-to-end services using best practices.
Why use ITSM?
• Overall improved quality of business operations by ensuring that IT processes underpin the business processes.
• Customers know what to expect from IT and what is required of them to ensure this can be delivered.
• Increased productivity.
How do we get started?
Hire a qualified consultant to perform a GAP analysis and recommend ways to implement or improve your IT service delivery.
iDEAL has an expertise in ITSM and has implemented it in many forms, Remedy by BMC Software, Service Now, vTiger and more.

Business benefits

  • Improved quality of business operations that ensure IT processes underpin the business processes
  • Reliable business support provided by processes such as Incident Management and Change Management as well as the Service Desk
  • Customers will know what to expect from IT and what is required of them to ensure this can be delivered
  • Increased productivity of business and Customer staff because of more reliable, more available, IT Services
  • IT Service Continuity procedures are more focused on the business needs and there will be more confidence in the ability to follow them when required
  • Better working relationships between the Customers and the IT service provider
  • Enhanced Customer satisfaction as service providers know and deliver what is expected of them
  • A Single System of record for Asset and IT Management, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Financial benefits

  • Cost-justified IT infrastructure and IT services
  • When implemented, the Service Management processes will give long-term financial benefits, for example:
    • by the identification of root causes of Incidents, recurrence of failures can be prevented
    • the cost of Change will be reduced and the impact on the business will be minimized
    • maintenance contracts will be cancelled when the components are no longer required
    • ‘just in time’ Capacity, by providing appropriate capacity just in advance of demand


Employee benefits

  • IT staff will know what is expected of them and they will have the processes to ensure that this expectation can be met
  • Increased productivity of IT staff
  • Motivated staff and improved job satisfaction through better understanding of capability and management of expectations
  • Improved visibility and reputation of the IT department, leading to more motivated staff


Innovation benefits

  • Clear understanding of the requirements of the IT service provision will ensure that IT services are delivered that underpin business processes
  • Better information on current services
  • Greater flexibility for the business through improved understanding of IT support
  • Competitive edge through improved ability to recognise changing trends, adapt quickly to new requirements and market developments


Internal benefits

  • Improved metrics and management reporting
  • Better information on current services and on where Changes would bring most benefits
  • Improved communications and inter-team working (both IT and Customer)
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Clearer view of current IT capability
  • Process maturity benefits that are repeatable, consistent and self-improving


iDEAL works with many types of ITSM software. Remedy, ServiceNow, Cherwell, TechExcel, Frontrange, Sun View, Vivantio, LANDesk, CA Technologies, TOPdesk, IBM Control Desk, and other.

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