Network Services

Network Services, Security Assessments and Audits

  • Configure your routers, firewalls, switches
  • Identify holes in your network and protect
    your company from exposure to tampering
    and theft
  • Become compliant to HIPAA and
    Sarbanes Oxley regulations
  • Proactively discourage hackers from disrupting your network
Information Security Consulting Services

iDEAL offers world-class information security consulting services. We apply cutting-edge methodologies to resolve your most critical information security challenges. Our offerings incorporate industry standards, including Gramm, Leech, Biley, ISO 17799, and the latest HIPAA guidelines. We offer practical solutions to real world problems, customized to address the particular circumstances faced by you and your organization.

How To Secure Computer Networks

First determine what level of security you need. Then a risk assessment should be completed, the more comprehensive the better. Follow the corrective actions reported by the risk assessment. Perform penetration testing to evaluate the organizations security defenses. Repeat periodically and when business processes or technology changes.

Risk Assessments – Identify gaps and risks in computer network security
  • FRAAP – 3 to 5 days, $3,995 and up*
  • MSA – less than a day, $395*
  • QSR – 1 hour, $120*
  • MBSA – 1 hour, FREE*
Server Hardening – Configure servers to Microsoft best practices and more
  • File Server – $ call us at 480-664-4141 x100
  • Application Server – $ call us at 480-664-4141 x100
  • Web/IIS Server – $ call us at 480-664-4141 x100
What is a FRAAP?
A FRAAP is a Facilitated Risk Analysis and Assessment Process. It is a qualitative risk analysis and assessment process performed by our security experts. It will identify potential undesirable and/or unauthorized events (risks) that can negatively impact the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of information contained in the system. It provides you with a cost effective, non technical, enterprise wide information security risk analysis. FRAAP is a wide reaching offering that allows you to perform risk assessment and analysis on any critical area of your business.

  • Threats will be identified
  • Probability that a threat will occur
  • Impact if the threat does occur
  • Risk levels established
  • Mitigating controls and safeguards identified
  • Implementation action plan
What is an MSA?
A Microsoft Security Assessment is a process designed to help you gain a better understanding of your security gaps and risks. It is not a replacement for an audit/analysis by our certified security professionals.

  • Threats will be identified
  • Risk levels reported
  • Mitigating safeguards identified
  • Prioritized Action List
What is a QSR?
A Quick Security Review will recommend basic security measures to help safeguard a computer network. It is not a replacement for an audit/analysis by our certified security professionals.
  • Some Basic Threats will be identified
  • Mitigating safeguards identified
What is an MBSA?
A Microsoft Baseline Security Analysis is a process that we use to identify some security threats to your Windows network. It will determine the security state in accordance with Microsoft security recommendations and offers specific remediations and detect common security misconfigurations and missing security updates on your Windows computer systems. It is not comprehensive and not a replacement for a full audit/analysis by our certified security professionals.
  • Some Threats will be identified
  • Risk levels reported
  • Recommendations for correction
What kind of Risk Assessment do I need?
If your organization:

  • Requires formal documentation and policies
  • Must adhere to legal requirements, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA, ISO 17799 etc.
  • Has a fiduciary duty to stockholders
  • Keeps customer credit card or financial data
  • Has proprietary information, secret recipes, R&D

Then consider a FRAAP to assess the risks.

If your organization:

  • Wants to have a better understanding of their security gaps and risks

Then consider a MSA to assess the risks.

If your organization:

  • Does not meet the above requirements, does not require a security policy
    and has computers

Then consider a QSR or MBSA to assess the risks.

*Prices dependant on size of organization and number of computers

Wireless Security Assessment (WSA)
Our WSA uses cutting edge technology to assess the security of your wireless network and the components in it. This provides you with a thorough evaluation of your entire wireless network, including wireless access points, encryption schemes, wireless clients, and back-end systems. We will provide your organization with a written report on the health of your wireless security, a network map outlining your current network configuration and a written policy on how to secure your wireless network.

Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA)
The iDEAL NVA utilizes a top-down, bottom-up approach. The top-down component focuses upon the security culture of the corporate environment and the business drivers. In this stage, policies and procedures are evaluated and developed or refined where necessary. In the bottom-up component, the focus is on the technical side, evaluating the network and security systems to ensure the maximum protection of corporate assets.

Penetration Testing
A penetration test is a method of evaluating your organizations network and information security by subjecting it to real world attack scenarios. This analysis is carried out by our information security professional and involves active exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Results are presented to the organization in a comprehensive penetration test report. We offer internal /external network, WIFI and web penetration testing. Think your data is secure? Is that new website hack able? Let an independent third party test your security.*Prices dependant on size of organization and number of computers