Server Colocation

Server Colocation
Dedicated & Hosted Servers
Colo one server up to 4U for only $89. Includes; rack space, 1.5amp electricity, bandwidth, 100Mbps duplex, free reboots and 24/7 secure access. Onsite support, monitoring and backup services available.
Choose from a wide range of options starting at only $6.95 per month. Windows, Linux, email, backups, tech support, monitoring and fully managed solutions available.
Free how to technical consults.

What is Colocation? :

Also spelled Collocation and Co-location.
Colocation is an outsourcing solution where the client
brings their equipment to a Data Center and uses the facilities that,typically include; network, electricity, bandwidth (Internet connectivity), and cabinet space. The Client or the center can be the administrator of this equipment. 

Colocation saves you time
and the expense of building and maintaining a network for your servers. You get carrier class connectivity, atmospheric controls, uninterrupted power and other options at a low cost. Please also check out the dictionary term of colocation.Rack Space
Your server will be mounted in the rack or a locking cabinet with rack rails. A rack is a metal framework that houses electronic equipment. The space used by your servers is measured in Rack Units (RU or “U-Space”). This is the unit of measurement used for defining the vertical space used. A ‘U’ is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.45cm). Horizontal dimension is a standard of 19 inches (48.2cm). We can accommodate tower servers also. Call for information.
1U Server= 1.75″ of Vertical Rack Space
2U = 3.5″ of Vertical Rack Space
4U = 7.0″ of Vertical Rack Space
A full rack can contains 40 to 42U
1/4 Rack=10U (10 servers of 1U)
Half rack =20 U (20 Servers of 1U)


Cost Savings :

Predictable Lower Cost

Save thousands on deployment capital costs.Reduce monthly costs of real estate (space), air conditioning, electricity, bandwidth and security. Ongoing costs are predefined and easy to budget for. Month to month agreements are available.

IT engineers at your service
Dramatically lower the cost of management and operations by using our state of the art automated monitoring and maintenance systems. Our experienced technicians know the current issues and how to eliminate server threats and bad patches because they manage thousands of systems like yours. You enjoy access to our IT experts for the right answers when you need them. Have more time to focus on your business. 

World Class Service
Solutions are available right away and the prices are very reasonable.

Reliability :

Increase Business Continuity

Reliability begins with the right colocation facility. We have three classes of
server colocation facilities. They provide the necessary infrastructure including uninterrupted power supplies (UPS ) with backup batteries, prime source generators for a redundant power source, premium power circuits, specialized building construction, standard cabinet / rack configurations, cable management systems, raised flooring, air conditioning systems, security systems that may include digital CCTV surveillance and customer parking.

Always connected
High speed Internet bandwidth connections via multiple carriers to prevent costly downtime. Guaranteed power availability incorporating UPS and batteries for short term combined with an onsite diesel prime source generator for extended outages.Tech support before you need it
All services can be monitored by network engineers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Security :

Our Data Center is secure but does not prevent you from access when you need it. Access is controlled and recorded. CCTV cameras are also used. The data center has disaster-resistant server rooms. Our Data Centers are located in a geographically secure location free from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. Arizona is a great place to put your data.

Enjoy a full-featured firewall that combines the technologies of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Web Content Filtering, deep packet inspection, circuit filters, and application proxies. We can implement access control using technology based on stateful packet inspection to deliver ICSA certified firewall security that delivers high performance security for demanding environments. You have options to filter out any traffic which you do not want coming to your machine. Who is visiting my server right now? What protocol are they using? These questions can be answered upon request. Our Internet’s security analysis team has the capabilities to troubleshoot you’re the Internet connections in real time. This gives you a way to follow detailed analysis of who is connecting to your server. Learn what ports they are connecting to, what type of packets are being sent to and from your server and if these packets are legitimate traffic.

Classifications and Standards
Facilities are classified by Tiers I – Basic: 99.671% Availability, Tier 2 – Redundant Components: 99.741% Availability, Tier 3 – Concurrently Maintainable: 99.982%, Tier 4 – Fault Tolerant: 99.995% Availability.
SAS 70 is an acronym for Statement on Auditing Standard 70; it was developed and is maintained by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Specifically, SAS 70 is a “Report on the Processing of Transactions by Service Organizations” where professional standards are set up for a service auditor that audits and assesses internal controls of a service organization. At the end of the audit, the service auditor issues an important report called the “Service Auditor’s Report”.

Managed Services :

System Watch

Alerts, monitors, maintains and reports. Spend less time working on your systems by automating the process. Our advanced scripting engine runs many maintenance tasks for you. It also reports errors, warnings and failures. Issues can be resolved by you or team of experienced engineers.
System Support
Adds unlimited support for remote service requests, 24/7. We fix monitoring policy errors; maintain anti virus, anti spyware and apply patches on servers. Includes System Watch.