SmartStyle Computing

SmartStyle Computing Solutions
Enterprise-Class computing, in your office or in the cloud with built in disaster recovery and thin client capabilities. Without the Enterprise-Class Price!

What is SmartStyle?
SmartStyle Computing is a fully functional IT system for business. It enables deployment of virtual servers, Smart Desktops and Smart SAN storage.
How does it work?
It combines several advanced technologies such as server virtualization, clustering, golden images and dispersed storage. IT provides an Enterprise level utility computing platform for business at price lower than the current client server model.
Two ways to deploy
SmartStyle Computing is available in two deployment models. SmartStyle Office, which is a cloud deployed at a client site, and SmartStyle Cloud, which is deployed by ICS or at a data centers.


Virtual Servers:
  • VirtualBox hypervisor is integrated for deploying virtual servers
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems
  • Create templates for faster virtual server deployments within minutes
  • Built-in workflows automate restoration of virtual servers during hardware failures

Smart Desktops:

  • User hard drive image is no longer tied to the desktop PC
  • Users data and operating system are stored centrally on the main platform
  • Rich user experience like a standard desktop PC
  • Deploy and manage workstations more efficiently with golden image and disk snapshot technologies
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems
Smart Management Software:
  • Intuitive web interface with built-in workflows
  • Easily deploy and manage Virtual Servers and Smart Desktops


  • Entire infrastructure for a small monthly fee
  • Enjoy the savings of the cloud computing business model, in house or hosted elsewhere
  • Reduced downtime with built-in high availability
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Ultra-reliable dispersed storage technology
  • Sophisticated management tools radically reduce cost of management
  • Scalable infrastructure as you grow or downsize
  • A single solution encompassing servers, storage, management tools, backups, hypervisor, and
    24-7 monitoring & support
  • Affordable price points

Additional Features

Smart SAN:
  • Integrated highly reliable, efficient, and cost-effective storage platform
  • Data stored on highly advanced dispersed storage technology which is far more reliable than current RAID storage mechanisms
  • High-performance using large solid state disk-based caching
  • Point-in-time restores for virtual servers and Smart Desktops using advanced snapshot and cloning technologies
  • Allows data to be kept onsite or offsite