Imagine many servers on one hardware appliance with the ability to failover or be restored from an image in minutes. Enjoy lower repair costs, reduced energy consumption, increased performance and capital savings.


What is Virtualization?
Virtualization consolidates several physical servers onto one hardware platform. These servers are placed on site or more commonly housed in a data center with access delivered “over the wire” to your office and/or remote work location.
Why use Virtualization?
Reduce energy and capital
costs by using less hardware. Reduce downtime by utilizing image restoration as needed.
Increase flexibility, asset utilization and performance.
Improve desktop management, control and repair with imaging.
How is it delivered?
Virtual Servers can be placed at your office or more commonly housed in a data center. Buy a server or contact us about lease and rent options. Applications and data are delivered “over the wire” to your location, anywhere you have an internet connection.